February 16, 2012

Medical schools unite for clinical case competition

Medical schools unite for clinical case competition

The third annual Interdisciplinary Clinical Case Competition (ICCC), showcasing the value of teamwork and the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in patient care, will be held Wednesday, Feb. 22, at the S.S. Kresge Building at Meharry Medical College at 5 p.m.

The competition, sponsored by the Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance, challenges three teams of students from 10 different disciplines to solve a complex, simulated clinical case.

Members of each team must work together to determine the best collective approach for patient care.

The final round of competition will allow the teams to publicly present their cases before a panel of faculty judges.

This year’s case involves a 36-year-old unemployed white male who presents to the Emergency Department with chest pain and shortness of breath.

A physical exam is performed and, later, student teams meet with the patient in his hospital room to discuss test results, answer questions and make recommendations for care.

This year’s competition includes students from Meharry’s Schools of Medicine and Dentistry; Vanderbilt’s Schools of Medicine, Nursing (Nurse Practitioner program), Law and Divinity, the Dietetic Internship Program and Speech and Hearing Pathology; the University of Tennessee’s College of Pharmacy and College of Graduate Social Work; and Belmont University’s School of Pharmacy and School of Nursing (RN program).
Students are chosen to participate in the competition, which is reviewed and scored by faculty judges from each discipline.

The competition is based on a University of Texas Health Sciences Center model, which was designed to bring together students from various disciplines to expose them to the perspectives and value of multiple areas of patient care.