December 9, 2010

Meeting gives update on VUMC’s ‘Pillar’ status

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C. Wright Pinson, M.D., MBA, spoke on VUMC operations at Tuesday’s Leadership Assembly. (photo by Anne Rayner)

Meeting gives update on VUMC’s ‘Pillar’ status

C. Wright Pinson, M.D., MBA, deputy vice chancellor for Health Affairs and senior associate dean for Clinical Affairs, delivered the quarterly progress report at Tuesday's Leadership Assembly, focusing on VUMC's five Pillars.

• People Pillar — VUMC employee retention at 18 months after hire stands at 68.5 percent, which surpasses this year's target rate.

• Service Pillar — Clinic patients are seen within 15 days of the request 54.4 percent of the time, which is short of target. Regarding patient satisfaction, six of nine VUMC clinical areas are within range or have exceeded target.

• Quality Pillar -—VUMC is meeting risk-adjusted mortality targets and exceeding targets for health care associated infections. While progress has been made on hand-washing compliance, much more needs to be done. Everyone is urged to join in supporting these and other VUMC quality projects.

• Growth and Finance Pillar — Surgical operations and clinic visits are on track volume-wise, while hospital discharges are behind the expected pace.

• Innovation Pillar — All innovation projects are proceeding on time, including diagnostic management, clinical pharmacogenomics, anticoagulant management, disease management (My Health Team at Vanderbilt) and the effort to slow the cost growth of Vanderbilt's employee health plan.