April 11, 1997

Move to ‘universal’ ID badge progressing

VUMC is taking the first steps toward implementing a ³universal² Identification Badge System within the medical center community by July 1.

The durable plastic card with the individual¹s picture will replace the library card, the Commodore Card and will also serve as the access card for campus buildings.

At the medical center, the new new card will the the official identification badge and will replace the paper identification card.

The new card has a magnetic stripe on the back which will be used at all university library turnstiles, at point-of-sale equipment and for badge readers for those departments on the automated Time and Attendance System.

All VUMC faculty, staff and students who do not already have an identification badge with a magnetic stripe will need to obtain a new one. Those who already have a badge with a magnetic stripe will have their library and Commodore Account privileges automatically validated to their current badge and and do not need a new badge by July 1.