February 23, 2001

New calendar active Feb. 27

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Vanderbilt resident Vatsal Thakkar’s film Ravaged will again be shown at the Belcourt Theatre on March 3 at 12:30 p.m. The one-hour movie is a drama about a man’s struggle with depression and post traumatic stress disorder after his girlfriend has been killed and he has been shot. (photo by Dana Johnson)

The new University Calendar will be up for viewing on Feb. 27. The calendar was created to meet the Chancellor’s challenge of creating a centralized, unifying source of information for the University community. The mission of the University Calendar is to reach and inform the community about various activities and events sponsored by Vanderbilt University.

The Office of University Calendar will provide free training and assistance to those who plan to submit event information. One of the main initiatives is for all areas of the University, including the Medical Center and student groups, to have designated staff or students place their event information onto the calendar. The importance of this is each area ensures that their event information is correct and is publicized.

“The calendar is truly in a startup stage and its success will be based on individuals submitting information,” said Gay Tidwell in the University Calendar office. “I am also hoping to allow the audiences at the Medical Center to have a way of finding out what’s happening at the Medical Center and campus.”

The University Calendar will be accessible on Vanderbilt’s home page (http://calendar.vanderbilt.edu.) and within other resource sites.

“The project is very important since it represents an important step reached by the University to try to have equal access for the Medical Center, students and campus to place information,” Tidwell said. Contact Tidwell for more information at 343-3209 or e-mail at gay.tidwell@vanderbilt.edu.