June 27, 2003

New House Staff debut at VUMC

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Dr. Jeff Dinkins, from MUSC Charleston, listens intently as Dr. Lisa Peters speaks during resident orientation this week at VUMC. (photo by Mary Donaldson)

New House Staff debut at VUMC

About 230 new house staff, both residents and clinical fellows, were at the Medical Center this week for orientation before officially beginning work July 1. The newcomers will be in 60 training programs throughout VUMC.

The group attended a three-day core orientation that covers subjects such as safety, occupational health, benefits, risk management, and the basics of functioning within the Vanderbilt system.

“This is always an exciting time as we welcome a group of bright individuals who arrive from diverse locations to continue the next phase of their education,” said Dr. Fred K. Kirchner Jr., associate dean for Graduate Medical Education.

Kirchner noted that the incoming group are the first to begin their residencies under newly strict “duty hour guidelines,” which limit the number of hours residents can work.