September 23, 2010

New initiative highlights ‘The Promise of Discovery’

New initiative highlights ‘The Promise of Discovery’

Through its cutting-edge initiatives in personalized medicine, drug discovery and genomics research, Vanderbilt University Medical Center is at the forefront of transformative changes taking place in health and health care delivery.

To better reflect its mission and goals, next week VUMC will launch a new awareness initiative to help educate the public about groundbreaking research being conducted here, and the commitment of Vanderbilt's faculty and staff to advance health care, education and research.

The theme of this initiative is “The Promise of Discovery,” which represents the promise held by advancements in biomedical science, as well as the promise held by students, faculty and staff at Vanderbilt as they strive to further VUMC's core missions of patient care, education and research.

Beginning Monday, Sept. 27, a series of new TV and radio commercials will begin appearing to help spread “The Promise of Discovery,” along with online and social media activity. The advertisements will air locally in the Nashville area and, for the first time, will air nationally on media outlets such as CNN and National Public Radio.

This first phase of the initiative focuses on Vanderbilt's efforts in cancer, cardiology and the neurosciences, and highlights the passion and commitment of investigators and physicians in addressing these diseases.

“The promise of discovery reflects each of us,” said Jill Austin, assistant vice chancellor for Strategic Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer for VUMC. “We all have promises to fulfill — to our patients and families, colleagues, students and trainees — and we discover things every day that we can use to improve our work.”

To view the commercials, go to Faculty and staff are also invited to share their own 'promises' on a special internal blog that can be found at