September 28, 2001

New parking plan expands shuttle lot

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Dr. Patricia Temple talks with Dr. Tanya Kowalczyk, a pediatric resident, before seeing patients in the pediatric continuity clinic. (photo by Dana Johnson)

New parking plan expands shuttle lot

A modified parking plan for employees who want to park in the shuttle lot but can’t due to space limitations will go into effect Oct. 1.

“The demand for less expensive shuttle lot parking has exceeded capacity,” said Ken Browning, director of Plant Services. “In the past the only option staff had was to be put on a waiting list and park on city streets or pay higher rates for one of the garages.”

The plan will offer a Shuttle Lot waiting rate for the top deck of the 25th Avenue Garage. The current $45 per year Shuttle Lot rate will apply (plus a $5 refundable card fee). Once Shuttle Lot space becomes available, staff will be moved on a first-in first-out basis. Staff who elect to stay in the garage must repay the difference between the shuttle lot waiting rate and the current roof top rate.

Registration will begin Oct. 1 at the VUH Garage Central Parking Office off 22nd Avenue.