December 8, 2000

News Briefs

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Eric Edwards listens to the lecture during the class – a joint class between VMS and Nursing School. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Proceeds from Heinz labels benefit VCH

For almost 15 years supporters of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital have been saving Heinz baby food labels.

Over $62,000 has been collected since the program began, with the H. J. Heinz Company donating six cents for each label received. More than one million labels have been sent in on Vanderbilt’s behalf.

“That’s pretty great for something that would have otherwise ended up in the trash,” explained Rosalie Boyd, associate director of development for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. “It is a great program and a very simple way for people to support the Children’s Hospital.”

Boyd encouraged people to become involved in the label campaign by collecting labels and sending them in or dropping them off at a local collection point. Or, she added, spearheading a collection drive in their neighborhood. Proceeds from the money benefit the more than 8,500 inpatient admissions and 170,000 outpatient visits each year at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

Collection points are numerous. Many churches, day care centers, grocery stores and mother’s day out programs have collection boxes. There are also collection boxes in the Children’s Hospital. Labels can be mailed to: Heinz Label Saving Program, Department H, 2424 Garland Ave., Nashville, TN 37212.

For more information on how to be a part of the Heinz Label program, contact Stephanie Combs, Heinz Label program coordinator, at (615) 322-4814.

Hidden names contest underway

Cruella D. Ville? Darth Vader? If you see these names in the new Vanderbilt Directory, you're not dreaming. Call the number and you could win a prize.

The funny names are part of an annual tradition at Vanderbilt in which they are hidden throughout the telephone directory. Telephone numbers next to the characters forward your call to pre-recorded messages. For example, Cruella D. Ville's number led callers to a message on how to care for a new puppy, while Sneezy Dwarf's number connected to the Vanderbilt Asthma Center.

This year, organizers decided to make the annual event a campus-wide competition with prizes. Daily clues will be given on a web page ( and posted throughout campus on flyers. Contestants will be able to submit guesses through e-mail at or fax 343-1145.

The contest, sponsored by the Division of Public Affairs, the Vanderbilt Bookstore and Borders, will be held Dec. 4-12.

DeHart presents rotating workshop

Dr. Roy L. DeHart, professor of Medicine and director of the Vanderbilt Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, presented a rotating workshop for industrial hygienists and physicians and facilitated a discussion entitled "Ideopathic Environmental Intolerance/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Why the Name Change?"

In addition DeHart addressed the Committee for Education concerning "Strategies for Post Graduate Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) Education" at the State of the Art Conference 2000 for the America College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

DeHart, past president of the organization, also served as the program chair for this year's meeting.