September 27, 1996

News Briefs

VUMC has received the Pfizer Visiting Professorship Program in Diabetes management. Dr C. Ronald Kahn, visiting from Joslin Diabetes Center, will give a Grand Round's presentation and a Reseach seminar on November 8, Diabetes Day.

Pfizer presented the check for $6,000 and a commemorative plaque on Thursday, September 12, to Dr. Daryl K. Granner, professor and chair of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, to fund the visit.

Dr. Zach Hall, Ph.D., director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, will speak at 4:00 on Friday, October 11 in 214 Light Hall. The Title of the seminar is "Assembly and Organization of the Acetylcholine Receptor at the Neuromuscular Junction."

Dr. Hall will visit faculty from many of the medical school's departments in order to stay abreast of their work.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Informatics Division will host a Integrated Health Systems symposium on Friday, September 27, at the Social-Religious building rotunda.

The symposium will help develop an understanding of the issues and challenges of building information management systems and of the advantages that information management systems offer. The event is intended for health care professionals interested in learning about the successful implementation of information management systems. The registration fee is $150.