November 17, 2006

Next employee survey slated for March

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Douglas Vaughan, M.D.

Next employee survey slated for March

Vanderbilt University Medical Center will conduct its next employee satisfaction survey in March, a year sooner than previously scheduled, said Kevin Myatt, associate vice chancellor and chief Human Resources officer.

“More frequent surveying will better serve elevate and the Medical Center's increasing focus on staff and faculty satisfaction and retention,” Myatt said.

The last Vanderbilt Community Survey was conducted eight months ago. The rest of the University will stick with a biannual survey, Myatt said.

This year, members of the VUMC leadership team said they saw an elevate effect in the Medical Center's rising employee satisfaction scores. More than 11,000 VUMC employees responded to the 2006 survey, for a participation rate of 81 percent. On a scale from 1 to 5, the average score for all items was 3.93, up from 3.76 in 2004.

For the statement, “Overall, I am a satisfied employee,” the score was 4.07, up from 3.94 in 2004; the vendor's 2006 national health care average for this item was 3.90.

Some 1,200 VUMC managers have received 2006 survey reports for their areas via the Web.

HR's Organizational Effectiveness Team offers training to help managers understand their results, present them to their staff and focus on any efforts for improvement.

Supervisors can review training materials over the Web and attend group or individual “ask the coach” sessions. For more information or to register, turn your Web browser to