October 11, 1996

NIH director set to speak at VUMC

Dr. Zach W. Hall, Ph.D., director of the Director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, will be speaking at VUMC today (Oct. 11).

Hall will present a seminar entitled "Assembly and Organization of the Acetylcholine Receptors at the Neuromuscular Junction" at 4 p.m. in 214 Light Hall.

Hall came to the National Institutes of Health from the University of California, San Francisco, where he was the Lange Professor and Chair of the Department of Physiology and head of the Biomedical Sciences Training Program. Through his research, Hall has made numerous contributions to the understanding of the neuromuscular junction. Hall's professional activities include membership on the Medical Advisory Board of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and participation in the Dana Foundation Alliance for the Decade of the Brain initiative.

Dr. Hall will visit with faculty from many of the medical school's departments following the seminar.