August 22, 1997

No MCAT necessary for new ‘Mini Medical School’

No MCAT necessary for new 'Mini Medical School'

The Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is set to open the doors on its ³Mini Medical School,² an innovative new program designed to teach major principles of medicine to non-medical people.

The 'school' is open to Vanderbilt personnel and members of the Nashville community, and will run on consecutive Monday nights beginning on Sept. 22.

The eight-week program will offer weekly two-hour sessions on medical subjects, with two topics covered each meeting.

³Most of the major topics in medicine will be covered, in a format that was designed for those without prior scientific or medical knowledge,² said Dr. John S. Sergent, chief medical officer of the Vanderbilt Medical Group and one of the school's planners.

³We believe this will be an exciting format.²

The classes will meet in Light Hall from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on eight consecutive Monday nights beginning September 22. Cost for the class is $80 for members of the Nashville community, with a discount for Vanderbilt faculty and staff.

Here is a schedule of Mini Medical School topics and speakers:

€ September 22:

Introduction: A Medical Education in Context ‹ Dr. John S. Sergent

How We Gather Information ‹ Dr. W. Anderson Spickard III

Emergency Care ‹ Dr. Corey M. Slovis

€ September 29:

Structure and Function of the Heart ‹ Paula C. Hoos, Ph.D.

Management of a Heart Attack ‹ Dr. F. Andrew Gaffney and Dr. Davis C. Drinkwater Jr.

€ October 6:

Principles of Pharmacology ‹ Lee E. Limbird, Ph.D.

Issues in the Management of Hypertension ‹ Dr. John H.J. Nadeau

€ October 13:

The Biology of Cancer ‹ Dr. Harold L. Moses

Therapeutic Considerations in Cancer ‹ Dr. David H. Johnson

€ October 20:

The Biology of Infectious Diseases ‹ Dr. Terence S. Dermody

Newly Emerging Infections ‹ Dr. William Schaffner

€ October 27:

Basic Immunology ‹ Dr. James W. Thomas II

Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis ‹ Dr. Deborah C. German

€ November 3:

Neurobiology ‹ Jeanette J. Norden, Ph.D.

Stroke ‹ Dr. Howard S. Kirshner

€ November 10:

Ethical Considerations in Difficult Decision Making ‹ Dr. Walter H. Merrill

Commencement Address: Historical Perspective on Physician Oaths and Codes ‹ Dr. John E. Chapman, Dean of the School of Medicine

This final meeting will be followed by a reception for all Mini Medical School students and faculty.

For more information about the Vanderbilt Mini Medical School, call 343-2585.