November 7, 2003

Nov. 30 deadline to complete health assessment for $10 monthly credit

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L to R: Jane Wright, research assistant; Valentina Savchenko, post-doctoral fellow; Randy Blakely, Ph.D.; and graduate student Shawn Ferguson. Dana Johnson

The Health Plus Go for the Gold program will pay a $10 a month wellness credit during 2004 to all full time benefits eligible staff and faculty who complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) before Nov. 30. The HRA can be completed online at the Go for the Gold website:

The HRA can be done from any computer with internet access, including at home or at any Vanderbilt library, The Occupational Health Clinic and at the Health Plus facility in Memorial Gym.

For those who need some extra help with a computer, staff at Health Plus and the Occupational Health Clinic, 640 Medical Arts, can help.

The Go for the Gold program calls the $10 per month savings available in 2004 the Bronze level. The following two years will introduce the Silver and Gold levels, with more potential monthly savings in each. Details on continued participation in the Go for the Gold will be available at Questions? E-mail HEALTH Plus at