August 10, 2001

Ossoff delivers speech at Laryngological conference

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Lyda Earl Cook and Christopher Cook meet Indy race driver Robbie Buhl, right, during a recent vist to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Buhl is the national spokesperson for Racing for Kids, a national program designed to use the popularity of motorsports to bring public attention and funding to the health care needs of children. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Dr. Robert H. Ossoff, Guy M. Maness Chair in Otolaryngology, delivered the 27th Annual Daniel C. Baker, Jr. Lecture to the American Laryngological Association – marking the first time a Vanderbilt faculty member delivered the lecture. The topic of his address was “Lasers in Laryngology: Past, Present and Future.”

Ossoff’s presentation was part of the Combined Otolaryngological Spring Meeting (COSM) in Palm Desert, California in May.

Ossoff also moderated a panel on “Treatment Updates for Benign Laryngeal Lesions” and was re-elected Secretary of the Association.

Other Vanderbilt faculty members participating in COSM were Dr. Mark Converse, Dr. James L. Netterville, Dr. C. Gaelyn Garrett, and Dr. David S. Haynes.