July 25, 2003

Pain Center moves to Cool Springs

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Dr. E. Wesley Ely assesses George Scharber, a patient in MICU, using the RASS scale.

Pain Center moves to Cool Springs

The Vanderbilt Pain Control Center has moved from the Medical Arts Building to Vanderbilt Cool Springs, the new Vanderbilt Medical Group multi-specialty clinic at 2009 Mallory Lane, Suite 230, in Franklin, Tenn.

Vanderbilt Cool Springs is in the building that houses Cool Springs Surgery Center and Cool Springs Imaging, both of which are Vanderbilt joint ventures.

The Pain Control Center’s proximity to the surgery and imaging centers will aid collaboration between pain control specialists, radiologists and surgeons. The new location also offers easier parking for patients.

The Pain Control Center, established in 1984 as Tennessee’s first pain management facility, is a multidisciplinary practice for management of chronic pain, emphasizing rehabilitation and return to functionality.

Dr. Benjamin W. Johnson, Jr., associate professor of Anesthesiology, directs the center, and Janis Livengood, Ph.D, associate professor of Anesthesiology, is director of psychological services. Other colleagues of the center include research psychologist Stephen P. Bruehl, Ph.D., assistant professor of Anesthesiology, Nurse Practitioner Karen Larsen, clinical fellows and a specialized team of nurses.

For successful pain relief, longtime chronic pain sufferers require psychological preparation, and Johnson said having a full-time psychological services program helps to distinguish Vanderbilt’s center from other area pain control practices.

Cynthia Biggers is the patient care manager for Vanderbilt Cool Springs. n