December 3, 2004

Pain text sees second edition

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Samuel A. Santoro, M.D., left, receives his diploma for completing the Academic Leadership Program for New Chairs from VUSM Dean Steven G. Gabbe, M.D.
photo by Mary Donaldson

The second edition of Pediatric Pain Management for Primary Care has been released. The publication was edited by Jayant K. Deshpande, M.D., professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics and medical director of VCH Performance Management and Improvement; and Joseph D. Tobias, M.D., a former faculty member at VUMC.

John Algren, M.D., director of the Division of Pediatric Anethesiology; Stephen Hays, M.D., assistant professor of Pediatrics and Anesthesiology; and Chris Algren, M.S.N., clinical associate professor of Nursing, were significant contributors to the book.

The reference book is a practical, clinical guide to pediatric pain management. To order, visit