January 13, 2006

Patients can now tune in Tranquility TV

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Tranquility TV is a popular choice on Vanderbilt University Hospital TV sets. It's a simulated TV channel running five-minute segments of relaxation video and music programming. Between these segments appear images and information in promotion of Vanderbilt clinical programs.

A Vanderbilt patient recently wrote, “I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Tranquility Network. The beautiful scenery and music is outstanding. I especially loved the California Waves and National Parks. Except for the news, that's about all I watched.”

Tranquility TV, which has been airing since February 2005, is designed to reduce patient anxiety, enhance pain management and increase comfort. A few of the video segments include fog moving over a meadow played to Mozart, a tour of the Grand Canal in Venice played to Baroque music and images of Earth from space played to New Age sounds.