September 21, 2001

Peru team delayed by attacks

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Larry Merin shows Meharry patient Thomas Harrison a photograph of his retina taken with the revised camera equipment. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Last week’s terrorists attacks on U.S. soil only temporarily impeded the progress of Vanderbilt medicine abroad. The team of 30 VUMC physicians, nurses and other health professionals going to Cusco and Pisac, Peru to establish a week-long clinic had to cancel their trip due to airline logistical complications. The team, led by Dr. Jeff McKinzie, assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, will reschedule its trip for 2002.

“There were so many people on campus supporting our trip, I’d like them to know that we cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, but that we definitely will go forward with the trip at a future date,” McKinzie said. “Since we will have several more months to prepare, recruit and raise funds, this may become even bigger and better than before.”

When the trip occurs, the team will set up a primary care clinic to treat as many as 500 indigent people a day who have little or no access to medical care. For more information about the VUMC-Peru team, contact McKinzie at 936-0087.