February 2, 2001

Picking cotton coat bad idea

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Vanderbilt University Medical Center staff members who use Linen Services to clean their lab coats are being asked to change.

According to Kris Stewart, manager of Linen Services, 100 percent cotton coats do not withstand the rigorous laundering required for the medical garments. The heat, combined with the chemicals and bleach, causes the coats to shrink and the fibers to break down quickly.

"The heat used in cleaning the coats is tremendous," he said. "It's not just the chemicals."

Stewart recommends the purchase of cotton-polyester blend lab coat to prevent the deterioration. The blended coats are available through Linen Services for $22.90. "Our coats have been tested and, if you use VUMC's laundry services, I absolutely recommend purchasing one," he said.

Contact Stewart at 343-3132 for more information.