June 17, 2005

Pinned: program honors house staff for service

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Hong Yu, M.D., Neurosurgery resident, right, receives her pin from Trey Lee, M.D., chair of the House Staff Advisory Council, Coley Duncan, M.D., chair of the council’s Lapel Pin Sub-Committee, and Ann Price, M.D., executive director for Medical Alumni Affairs.
photo by Anne Rayner

Pinned: program honors house staff for service

A new recognition program is honoring Vanderbilt University Medical Center house staff for their service and commitment.

After one year of service, residents will receive the new Vanderbilt House Staff lapel pin, and once their service is complete, a House Staff Alumni pin will be issued. The pins are a token of appreciation for house staff, showing their participation in the program and their service to Vanderbilt. A ceremony was held recently to present pins to those who are currently eligible and to recognize the people who made the distribution of the lapel pins possible.

They are presented by the Vanderbilt Medical Alumni Association (VMAA).

“This is the first year for the VMAA to make these available, through a gift from one of our alums. In this small way, we celebrate your connection to Vanderbilt and honor you for completing your arduous training years,” said Ann Price, M.D., executive director for Medical Alumni Affairs, at the ceremony.

Issuing the pins was originally suggested by Coley Duncan, M.D., Adult Infectious Diseases Clinical Fellow, who represents the field of infectious diseases on the House Staff Advisory Council (HSAC). Duncan notes that the process has taken more than a year, with the involvement of a lapel pin subcommittee, the aid of a graphic designer from the Marketing Department, funding from the Alumni Association and support from HSAC members.

There are various pick-up dates for the pins for House Staff and House Staff Alumni. Those who are completing their resident training at Vanderbilt in June will be able to pick up a House Staff Alumni lapel pin when signing out at the Graduate Medical Education office at 2601 TVC. Pins for departing house staff are now available.

House staff who are continuing their training here at Vanderbilt and who have completed at least one year of training can pick up a Vanderbilt House Staff lapel pin on June 24 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the afternoon picnic to welcome incoming house staff held on the Olin Hall Lawn, or they can pick them up beginning July 1 in the Graduate Medical Education office.