April 22, 2010

Providers, clinics lauded for patient satisfaction scores

Providers, clinics lauded for patient satisfaction scores

Vanderbilt University Medical Center providers and clinical teams with exceptional patient satisfaction scores have won 31 Top Performer Awards and 213 Five Star Awards in the 2010 Excellence in Healthcare Awards, sponsored by Professional Research Consultants Inc., Vanderbilt's patient satisfaction surveyor.

The award totals come to 37 percent more VUMC winners this year than last year.

PRC conducts surveys of patient attitudes for hundreds of hospitals and health systems. The company's annual awards are based on a single survey question asking patients to rate the care they've received from a team or an individual provider. 2010 awards are based on 2009 survey responses.
Top Performer Awards go to individuals and teams who score in the 100th percentile within their clinical discipline or service category.
Five Star Awards go to those who score within the 90th to 99th percentiles.

For both awards, the percentile rankings are based on how often survey respondents gave the individual or group a rating of “excellent.”

Not all individuals and groups at VUMC were eligible for awards: PRC limits eligibility for 5-Star Awards to individuals and groups having 50 or more survey responses over the previous year and limits eligibility for Top Performer Awards to individuals with 50 or more survey responses and groups with 100 or more responses.

2010 Top Performer Award team winners

Vanderbilt University Hospital Clinical Research Center
Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt 6C Cardiac Unit
Gastro-intestinal and Urologic Pediatric Radiology
Pediatric Cardiology Clinic
Addiction Medicine Clinic

2010 Top Performer Award individual winners

Michael Joseph Ayad, M.D.
Nancy Brown, M.D.
Lonnie S. Burnett, M.D.
W. Barton Campbell, M.D.
Audrey Jane Case, F.N.P.
Rosemary Cope, LPC/MHSP
Thomas Davis, M.D.
Charlene Dewey, M.D.
Thomas Doyle, M.D.
Tom Elasy, M.D.
Michael Eugene Engel, M.D.
G. Waldon Garriss III, M.D.
Harold Helderman, M.D.
Paula Christine Herrmann, M.D.
Jill Jones, M.D.
Lori Ann Kehler, O.D.
Lisa Hood Lancaster, M.D.
Ingrid M. Meszoely, M.D.
Sandra Ann Moutsios, M.D.
Melinda Stacey New, M.D.
Anne O'Duffy, M.D.
Neeraja Peterson, M.D.
Charles Rush, M.D.
William Russell, M.D.
W. Anderson Spickard, III, M.D.
Carl Zimmerman, M.D.

“I congratulate all our winners and applaud their outstanding dedication to our patients,” said C. Wright Pinson, M.D., MBA, deputy vice chancellor for Health Affairs and senior associate dean for Clinical Affairs.

“I salute all our award winners for their hard work and commitment to our patients,” said Jonathan D. Gitlin, M.D., assistant vice chancellor for Maternal and Child Health Affairs and associate dean for Clinical Affairs.

“Patient satisfaction is a vital element in patient care quality. I applaud all our award winners,” said Paul Sternberg, M.D., assistant vice chancellor for Adult Health Affairs and associate dean for Clinical Affairs, who himself won a 5-Star Award (see below).

“I’m grateful to all our award winners for their service and for helping to keep patient satisfaction at the core of our patient care mission,” said David Posch, CEO of The Vanderbilt Clinic and executive director of Vanderbilt Medical Group.

“My congratulations and thanks to our award winners for all they do to earn the loyalty and support of patients,” said Larry Goldberg, CEO of VUH.

“I want to congratulate all our winners and thank them for the excellent service they provide every day to patients and families at Children's Hospital,” said Kevin B. Churchwell, M.D., CEO and executive director of Children's Hospital.

2010 5-Star Awards team winners

Broad groups:
Children's Hospital
Adult Emergency Department
Pediatric Emergency Department
VUMC Outpatient Technical
Children's Hospital Ambulatory Surgery

VUH inpatient units:

10 South Renal Transplant Unit
11 North
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
6N Neuroscience
6 South Cardiac Stepdown — VHVI
7 North Cardiac Stepdown — VHVI
8 North
8 South
9 South General Surgery
9NSM Surgical Stepdown
MCE3 Surgery
Neuroscience ICU
S4400 Colorectal Unit
TVC Observation Unit

Children’s Hospital inpatient units

Ambulatory surgery
Colorectal Day Surgery
Nashville Surgery Center
GI Endoscopy Lab
Neurosurgery Same Day Surgery
Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology Day Surgery
Ophthalmology Same Day Surgery
Children’s Hospital Otolaryngology Same Day Surgery
Children’s Hospital Endoscopy Lab
Children’s Hospital Pediatric Day Surgery
Plastic Same Day Surgery
Children’s Hospital Pediatric Urology Day Surgery
Cool Springs Ambulatory Surgery Center

Outpatient technical
VHVI Cardiac Cath Lab
Cardiology Outpatient Echo Lab
VHVI Nuclear Cardiology
Cardiology MRI
Dermatology Phototherapy Clinic
Clinical Research Center
Outpatient Bone Marrow Biopsy
Hillsboro Pulmonary Function Test Lab
Audiology Clinic
Speech Pathology Clinic
Medical Infusion 100 Oaks
Neurology EEG Lab 100 Oaks
Pediatric Neurology EEG Lab
OBGYN Ultrasounds 100 Oaks
Ophthalmology Clinic
Balance Disorders Clinic
Otolaryngology Voice Center Speech Therapy
Pediatric Cardiology Outpatient Echo Lab
Pediatric Cardiology Services
Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic
Pulmonary Function Testing Lab
Radiology Breast Center
Center for Women's Imaging
Center for Women's Imaging 100 Oaks
Radiology CT Non-Neuro
Radiology GI & GU
Radiology MRI Neuro
Radiology MRI Non-Neuro
Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Pediatric Radiology CT
Pediatric Radiology MRI
Pediatric Radiology Nuclear Medicine
Pediatric Ultrasound
PET Radiology
Radiology Ultrasound
Pediatric Occupational Therapy
Pediatric Physical Therapy
Vascular Lab
Vanderbilt Imaging 100 Oaks
VMG Marriott Sleep Lab
Vanderbilt Preoperative Evaluation Center
Williamson Rheumatology Infusion

VMG clinics
Addiction Medicine Outpatient Therapy
Cardiology Clinic — Heart Failure
Cardiac Surgery Clinic
Children’s Hospital Cardiac Surgery Clinic
Cool Springs Oncology Clinic
GYN Oncology Practice
Dermatology Clinic
Dermatology MOHS Clinic
General Adult Outpatient Therapy VAV
Breast Center 100 Oaks
GI Liver Transplant Clinic
Nutrition Center
Green Hills Practice
GYN Oncology Practice
Women's Health Center
Liver Transplant Clinic
Mental Health Center
Renal Transplant Clinic
Midwifery Practice West End
Oncology Clinic
Oncology Pain and Symptom Management
Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic
Vanderbilt Voice Center
Pediatric Arrhythmia Clinic
Pediatric Diabetes Clinic
Pediatric Infectious Disease Clinic
Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic Cool Springs
Pediatric Neuro Oncology Clinic
Pediatric Hematology Clinic
Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Clinic
University Pediatrics
Pediatric Referral Obesity Clinic
Pediatric Rheumatology
Pediatric Urology Clinic Chattanooga
Pediatric Urology Clinic Jackson
Rheumatology Clinic Green Hills
Thoracic Clinic
Vanderbilt Heart Institute 100 Oaks
Vanderbilt Internal Medicine Diabetes Clinic
Vanderbilt Internal Medicine Suite II
Vanderbilt Internal Medicine Suite I

2010 5-Star Awards individual winners

Stephen Ball, M.D.
Elizabeth Burgos, M.D.
David Carbone, M.D., Ph.D.
Ysela Marie Carrillo, M.D.
PDavid Charles, M.D.
Andre Churchwell, M.D.
Keith Churchwell, M.D.
Walter Clair, M.D.
Michael Cooper, M.D.
Lala Cornelius, M.D.
Marta Ann Crispens, M.D.
Stephen Davis, M.D.
Tonia Davis-Moore, M.S.N., CNM, APRN BC
Thomas Disalvo, M.D.
John Dixon Jr., M.D.
Brian George Englehardt, M.D
Craig Ferrell, M.D.
Michael James Fowler, M.D.
Haydar Frangoul, M.D.
Joseph Fredi, M.D.
Gaelyn Garrett, M.D.
Thomas Golper, M.D.
Ana Grau, M.D.
John Greer, M.D.
Kirsten Haman, Ph.D.
Kenneth Hande, M.D.
David Hansen, M.D.
Helen Hatfield, M.S.N.
Stacy Hawkins, N.P.
Richard Ho, M.D.
Richard Hock, M.D.
Rob Hood, M.D.
Beth Huff, M.S.N.
Linda Hughlett, M.S.N., CNM, APRN BC
Madan Jagasia, M.D.
Dana Ross Janssen, M.D.
James Johns, M.D.
David Johnson, M.D.
Lani Kajihara-Liehr
Mohana Karlekar, M.D.
Mark Kelley, M.D.
Burnett Stephens Kelly, M.D.
John Kuhn, M.D.
Emily Graham Kurtz, M.D.
Eric Lambright, M.D.
Christopher Lind, M.D.
Rachel Mace, M.D.
Beth Malow, M.D.
Larry Markham, M.D.
David Maron, M.D.
Ingrid Mayer, M.D.
Mary McDowell, APRN BC
Michael McNamara, M.D.
Beth Meador, APRN BC
Willie Melvin III, M.D.
Erika Mitchell, M.D.
Barbara Murphy, M.D.
Katherine Murray, M.D.
John Nadeau, M.D.
Jennifer Najjar, M.D.
James Netterville, M.D.
Henry Ooi, M.D.
Scott Parker, M.D.
Michael Petracek, M.D.
Fenna Tanner Phibbs, M.D.
Robert Piana, M.D.
Jan Price, M.D.
Margaret Buxton, M.S.N., CNM, APRN BC
Kerri Cavanaugh, M.D.
Roman Edward Perri, M.D.
Henry Paul Russell, M.D.
Joe Putnam, M.D.
David Raiford, M.D.
Nishitha Reddy, M.D.
William Riordan, M.D.
Howard Roback, Ph.D.
Russell Rothman, M.D.
Christianne Roumie, M.D.
Ronald Salomon, M.D.
Mavis Schorn, M.S.N., CNM, APRN BC
John Sergent, M.D.
Kenneth Sharp, M.D.
Richard Shelton, M.D.
Dan Spengler, M.D.
Paul Sternberg Jr., M.D.
David Francis Street, M.D.
Stephen Anthony Strickland Jr., M.D.
Bobo Tanner, M.D.
James Thomas, M.D.
Kyle Derek Weaver, M.D.
James Whitlock, M.D.
Mark Wigger, M.D.
Gregory Wilson, M.D.