March 27, 1998

Quadruple Blessing

Quadruple Blessing

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Army Sgt. Joseph Coppock cradles his daughter, Maria, the third of four children born to he and his wife, Alison, last week. The quadruplets are VUMC's first.

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1:36 p.m. – Laura

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Joseph and Alison Coppock with Maria.

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1:37 p.m. – Karen

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1:38 p.m. – Maria [top]1:39 p.m. – Joseph

On Friday, March 20, VUMC welcomed the Coppock quadruplets, born to parents Joseph and Alison Coppock of Ft. Campbell.

The Coppock babies are the first set of quads born at Vanderbilt and all four are currently healthy and happy. Their parents, of course, are sleepy.