September 13, 2002

Radiology offers free lead safety inspections

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Twins Jonathan, left, and Jacob Vaughn display their winning artwork for the VCH Holiday Card contest. (photo by Dana Johnson)

The Department of Radiology will offer free lead shielding safety inspections for departments’ lead aprons, lead vests and lead skirts, thyroid collars, gonadal shields, lead-lined gloves, and vinyl-type mobile lead shielding on Thursday, Sept. 26, 3-9 p.m.

Personal protective lead shielding will be visually and fluoroscopically inspected as required by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, as well as JCAHO. Also, all newly purchased or refurbished lead shielding must be inspected and safety-tagged by the Department of Radiology prior to being placed into use.

To schedule inspections, contact David L. Martin, Department of Radiology, at 343-0200 or