September 7, 2001

Radiothon raises over $100,000

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Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and Mix 92.9 radio completed the first ever radiothon this past weekend, raising well over $100,000.

It’s a partnership that is sure to grow, said Mix 92.9 programming director Barbara Bridges.

“We are glad to have the first one under our belts,” Bridges said. “As my friend and coworker Bryan Sargent always says, ‘The football team always improves the most between the first and second games.’ It is only after we have put all our theories and strategies into the field that we really see what the results are.”

Months of preparation paid off for the effort, culminating with a three-day live broadcast from Cool Springs Galleria hosted by Mix 92.9 morning show hosts Rick Marino and Anna Marie Ritter.

It seems all members of the Mix 92.9 team were touched by the stories of young children who are treated at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

“Radiothon touched us all here at Mix 92.9,” explained Doug Dawson, director of new business development for WMAK/WJXA. “The stories, the people and seeing the support from our listeners have given us a great sense of fulfillment. As a station family, we look forward to a growing partnership with Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to help heal our little angels here on earth.”

“We were, and are, honored to be partners with the wonderful people at Vanderbilt for such a worthy cause.” Bridges said. “I know in the years to come, Radiothon will grow to exceed even our dreams.”