January 19, 2007

Renovations spur relocation of some VUSN classes

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While its Nursing Annex is being renovated, the School of Nursing is holding classes in this Southeast Nashville building.

Renovations spur relocation of some VUSN classes

Last week, many of the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing's largest classes started meeting at the Jan and Jim Carell Building, located off campus in Southeast Nashville, due to renovation work being done to the school's Nursing Annex.

“We couldn't find a place anywhere on campus that would accommodate the 10,000 square feet we need and our curriculum requirements of daylong classes that have large numbers of students,” said Linda Norman, D.S.N., R.N., senior associate dean for Academics at VUSN. “Our staff worked very hard over Winter Break to make sure the building was ready for the first day of classes, and our students seemed pleased.”

VUSN currently has more than 600 students enrolled in its various tracks toward earning an advanced nursing degree. Students who are in the larger classes are scheduled to attend classes at the new facility a total of 28 days this semester.

VUSN will also continue to hold classes in Frist and Godchaux Halls.

First-year student Lana New was a little anxious the first day of class, but quickly acclimated to the new classroom and prepared for her first lecture of this semester.

“We students had concerns at first, but I think the administration has done everything they could to make us as comfortable as possible,” said New.

Windle Morgan, another first-year student, was one of the 50-plus students who opted to park near campus and use the complimentary student shuttle bus system for his transportation to and from the new site.

VUSN has also relocated its director of student affairs to the new site and hired additional information technology support.

“We are dedicated to providing a positive learning environment for all of our students,” said Norman. “We appreciate how our students are adapting to the new site, recognizing that it is somewhat of an inconvenience for students and faculty, and we are looking forward to a great semester.”

The Nursing Annex renovations are scheduled to last until late July. VUSN is researching to determine if some summer semester classes will be held on the Vanderbilt University campus. After the school concludes its use of the building, owner Jim Carell will convert the facility to a training center for his Care-All Home Health Co.