December 21, 2006

Research award nominations sought

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Photo by Dana Johnson

The deadline for nominations for the 2007 Faculty Research Awards is Dec. 31.

The nomination package should include a nominating letter, CV of the candidate and three manuscripts representing the candidate's most significant work. Please indicate clearly the award category for which you intend to nominate the individual. Nominations should be sent to Lynne Hutchison, MCN CCC-3322. Call 343-9075 for more information.

Award recipients will be announced at the Spring Faculty Meeting on April 24, 2007.

Award categories are as follows:

• Stanley Cohen Faculty Research Award — for research bringing diverse disciplines, such as chemistry or physics, to solve biology's most important fundamental problems.

• Charles R. Park Faculty Research Award — for basic research findings that reveal insights into physiology and pathophysiology.

• William Darby Faculty Research Award — for translational research that provides significant advances in medical practice or health care services.

• Grant W. Liddle Faculty Research Award — for excellence in clinical research

• Sidney P. Colowick Faculty Research Award — for excellence in research that serves as a platform for discovery in diverse research areas.

• Ernest William Goodpasture Faculty Research Award — for groundbreaking research that addresses the pathogenesis of infectious diseases or important biological problems in immunity.

• John H. Exton Research Award — for research leading to innovative biological concepts.