January 21, 2005

Research teams awarded 2005 Discovery Grants

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Allan Bass, M.D.

Four teams of investigators were awarded Vanderbilt University Medical Center Discovery Grants beginning this month. The recipient teams were chosen from 29 multi-investigator applications. A total of $392,919 was awarded to the recipients for the first year.

This year the program was cast as a multi-investigator seed fund. The applications were evaluated primarily on the likelihood that the project will be competitive for multi-investigator external funding, such as program project or center grants. The next round of applications will be accepted this fall.

Grants were awarded to:

• James E. Lloyd, M.D., professor of Medicine, “Finding a Pulmonary Fibrosis Gene.” Co-principal investigators are Joy D. Cogan, Ph.D. and William E. Lawson, M.D.

• Douglas S. Kernodle, M.D., associate professor of Medicine, “Microbial Antioxidants and Patterns of Host Response.” Co-principal investigators are Timothy S. Blackwell, M.D. and Spyros Kalams, M.D.

• James W. Thomas, M.D., professor of Medicine, “Development of an Autoreactive Human Immune System in Mice.” Co-principal investigators are Tom Aune, Ph.D. and Sebatian Joyce, Ph.D.

• Albert H. Beth, Ph.D., professor of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, “ Protein Structures from Molecular Dynamics & SDSL EPR.” Co-principal investigators are Eric Hustedt, Ph.D., Terry P. Lybrand, Ph.D. and Jarrod A. Smith, Ph.D.