June 28, 2002

Robertson honored as leader of 21st Century

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Robertson honored as leader of 21st Century

As the past president of the American Heart Association and the director of the Vanderbilt Women’s Heart Institute, Dr. Rose Marie Robertson was a perfect candidate to be named one of the 21 leaders of the 21st Century by Women’s Enews.

Enews, an independent news service covering issues of interest to women, selected the women from hundreds of nominees who represented hope, justice and equity and who have made extraordinary contributions on behalf of women.

Robertson, one of two health activists honored, was recognized in May for her role as a national spokesperson for women’s cardiovascular issues.

She has made noteworthy contributions in the area of heart disease prevention and stroke and played a prominent role in setting public policy and serving as an advocate for public health.

In her role as director of the Women’s Heart Institute, Robertson’s goal is to promote the need for cardiovascular disease awareness among women.

“If this visibility helps to provide a familiar face and name that women can relate to, it may help us in this endeavor here at home,” Robertson said.

“I like patients to think that seeing a cardiologist is not so frightening, not such a big deal. The idea of the Women’s Heart Institute is to provide a warm and nurturing presence for women — something they can feel comfortable with.”

Robertson was often on the road nationally and internationally with her national Heart Association duties last year, but is enjoying settling back in at Vanderbilt this year, doing what she does best.

“It’s really good having more time here — for my family, for seeing patients and for working with my wonderful colleagues on our research plans.”