August 1, 2003

Rudy W. Jacobson chair

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Dr. Harry R. and Jan Jacobson recently presented the first Rudy W. Jacobson Professor of Medicine chair to Dr. James E. Loyd. Endowed by the Jacobson family, the chair honors Dr. Jacobson’s father, Rudy W. Jacobson, who suffered from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. A second chair will honor Dr. Jacobson’s mother, Lisa M. Jacobson, who suffered from coronary artery disease. Row 1 (l to r): Donna Jacobson, Marion Jacobson, Dr. James E. Loyd, Jennifer Loyd, Dr. Harry R. Jacobson, Jan Jacobson. Row 2 (l to r): Hart Jacobson, Michael Jacobson, Ed Hodges, Andrew Jacobson, Ashley Jacobson, Nicholas Jacobson. Photo by Tommy Lawson