January 16, 2004

Signs help travelers navigate to new hospital

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Signs like this one on I-65 South, recently installed by Tennessee Department of Transportation, point to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Photo by Anne Rayner

Signs help travelers navigate to new hospital

In an effort to help parents more easily find their way to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has put up a number of new directional signs.

The largest signs have been put up on I-65, both north and southbound, at the Wedgewood exit marking the most direct route to get to Vanderbilt Children’s. In addition, Metro Public Works has posted blue “trailblazing” signs that lead from the interstate to the hospital, directing patients, their parents and other visitors. The metro signs are posted at Wedgewood Avenue and 8th Avenue, Wedgewood Avenue and 21st Avenue and Blakemore Avenue and 23rd Avenue.