June 2, 2006

Skin screening a success

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Patrick Burnett, M.D., Ph.D., examines graduate student Josh Rosenberg's back during the annual free skin cancer screening last week.
Photo by Dana Johnson

Skin screening a success

VUMC dermatologists performed skin cancer screenings on almost 200 staff and faculty during the Division of Dermatology's annual Employee Skin Cancer Screening last week.

“This was an excellent team effort and one of our most successful skin cancer screenings ever,” said John Zic, M.D., who headed up the event.

According to a tally kept during the screening, 15 patients were found with precancerous lesions, 11 with dysplastic nevi (abnormal moles), eight with basal cell carcinomas and one possible melanoma.

One employee taking advantage of the free skin check was Kimberly Roberts of Pediatric Cardiology, who said she wanted to get the exam because of risk factors.

“Skin cancer runs in my family,” she said. “My grandfather died from melanoma.”

Amy Musiek, M.D., the first-year Dermatology resident who screened Roberts, told her there was nothing immediately worrisome, but encouraged her to use sunscreen and be diligent about checking her skin.

The employee screening event followed a community-wide skin cancer screening in which Vanderbilt dermatologists also participated. The community event drew more than 300 patients to two locations.