July 14, 2000

Slovis to hit the streets as new medical director of Nashville EMS program

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Dr. Corey Slovis is the new medical director for Nashville’s EMS program. (photo by Dana Johnson)

Slovis to hit the streets as new medical director of Nashville EMS program

Dr. Corey M. Slovis, professor and chair of Emergency Medicine, has been named the new medical director of the Nashville Metropolitan Davidson County Fire Department’s Emergency Medical System.

The appointment became effective July 1.

“I am very excited about this,” said Slovis. “I’m now moving into my ninth year at Vanderbilt, which has been everything I’ve wanted it to be and then a lot more. But the one thing that I’ve missed since my years at Grady Hospital in Atlanta has been to help supervise an EMS system as a medical director. It was a role I cherished in Atlanta. It feels wonderful to be appointed.”

In his capacity as EMS medical director Slovis will oversee medical protocol for all of metro’s staff of emergency medical technicians and paramedics. His responsibilities include creating and/or revising medical protocols, helping supervise at large multiple casualty incidents where EMS workers require assistance, providing direction for in-service education, and serving as the physician coordinator for the EMS system.

“I got into emergency medicine because I discovered my love of EMS during my internship at Grady Hospital," Slovis said. "During my Internal Medicine residency I used to ride the ambulance and I moved from my internship in internal medicine to emergency medicine because of my love of lights and sirens.

“When you’re in the hospital there are so many doctors, nurses, and support people to work with you as part of a team. A large health care team is the beauty of Vanderbilt, or any large medical center. But we sometimes forget that when the paramedics go out there are only two EMS providers, and only sometimes do they have the help of firemen.

"They are out there alone without the help of x-rays, or a lab and they can’t call for a consult. So it is such a privilege to be able to assist the heroes out in the field by providing what assistance I can," he said.

Slovis was formerly metro's assistant EMS medical director and has on occasion driven to mass casualty scenes in his own vehicle to provide assistance.

One of the perks of Slovis’ new position is an emergency response vehicle provided by the Fire Department that will be stationed here at Vanderbilt. The vehicle will be shared by Slovis and Dr. Ian D. Jones, assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, who Slovis has appointed as assistant EMS medical director.

“Should we need a disaster team on site we will go out and help to coordinate the transfer of injured patients to appropriate hospitals," Slovis said.