October 3, 2003

Solucient names VUMC among top 100 for fourth year

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Terrell Smith sits in front of the mural in the fifth floor outdoor play area at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Her office window overlooks this area, which reminds her of what she's here to do. Dana Johnson

Solucient names VUMC among top 100 for fourth year

For the fourth year in a row, Vanderbilt University Hospital has been recognized as one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation in a study by Solucient Institute Monday. As a result of receiving the honor for the four years, Solucient also included Vanderbilt in its designation as a Best of the 100 Top Benchmarks Hospital.

The honor recognizes the efforts of VUMC’s board, management team, employees and medical staff for setting national benchmark scores for overall organizational performance.

Of the 16 recognized in the major teaching category, Vanderbilt was the only Tennessee hospital. The study, “Solucient’s 100 Top Hospitals: National Benchmarks for Success, 10th Edition,” appears in the Sept. 29 issue of Modern Healthcare magazine.

“The hospital’s staff and faculty know we provide excellent service and high quality care. It’s very rewarding to be recognized publicly for our work,” said Norman B. Urmy, executive vice president for Clinical Affairs and CEO of VUH. “[Vanderbilt] is one of the elite facilities proven to consistently provide the highest levels of performance and value to the community,” said Jen Chenoweth, executive director of the Soluicent Institute and 100 Top Programs.


•84,374 more Medicare patients could survive each year if overall performance at peer hospitals was the same as the 100 Top Hospitals.

•Winning or benchmark hospitals are more likely to be early adopters of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies than non-winning or peer hospitals.

•Benchmark hospitals are also more likely to have a larger share of the market in their communities than their peers, particularly in cardiology, neurology, pulmonary, urology and gastroenterology.

In making their selections, Solucient reviewed public data from more than 5,600 acute care general hospitals in the nation to identify the top 100, and the new national benchmarks.

The measures are calculated for five classes of hospitals: major teaching, teaching, large community, medium community and small community.