February 10, 2006

Spickard’s teaching touch lands latest CANDLE Award

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Anderson Spickard III, M.D.

Spickard’s teaching touch lands latest CANDLE Award

Anderson Spickard III, M.D., assistant professor of Medicine, was chosen by students for the most recent CANDLE (Caring, Advocating, Nurturing, Determination, Leadership and Empathy) Award.

The honor is given to individuals who have devoted themselves to teaching and mentoring.

Recipients are nominated and chosen based upon their positive impact on the lives of physicians-in-training, and are recognized by their students as examples of excellence in medical education.

“Dr. Spickard embodies the traits which led me to pursue medicine as a career,” one of his nominators wrote. “He possesses the qualities of intellect, integrity and humility that every doctor should have and continually aspire to maintain. During my medicine clerkship, he continually emphasized the tensions inherent in the practice of medicine, such as quality of life versus length of life decisions, intervention costs versus outcome decisions and even how to balance our personal lives with the significant demands placed upon us by a medical career.

“As a teacher, he is knowledgeable, honest, supportive and encouraging, all in a humble and caring manner.

“I hold Dr. Spickard in such high esteem for his excellent teaching and strong ethics that I would recommend him to my loved ones if ever they needed medical care.”