December 18, 2009

Sports Medicine lands in schools’ hall of fame

Sports Medicine lands in schools’ hall of fame

Vanderbilt Sports Medicine was inducted into the Metro Nashville Public Schools Football Coaches' Hall of Fame at the 25th annual banquet on Dec. 3.

Over the past 15 years, Vanderbilt Sports Medicine has developed a relationship with Metro Nashville Public Schools to ensure excellent sports medicine care is provided to its high school athletes, and it is now the official sports medicine provider for MNPS.

“The support we receive from Vanderbilt Sports Medicine is unbelievable,” said Scott Brunette, MNPS athletic director. “Safety and sportsmanship are not negotiable, and the two best partners we have in that effort are Vanderbilt Sports Medicine and Coca-Cola.”

The partnership includes daily coverage of all athletic practices and competitions by certified athletic trainers and team physicians. The medical care provided amounts to approximately $600,000 of services each year and is offered at no cost to the schools.

The goal is to keep athletes healthy and return them to sports quickly and safely following an injury.

“This program is an important part of the mission of Vanderbilt Orthopaedics,” said Merideth Cooper, M.B.A., director of Business Development and Communications for Vanderbilt Orthopaedics.

“We take pride in serving the community and feel strongly about providing the best sports medicine care to the high school athletes in Middle Tennessee.”

The Vanderbilt Sports Medicine outreach program started in 1994 with just one high school but has expanded over the years to include 18 schools.

Vanderbilt Sports Medicine will also be inducted into the Basketball Coaches' Hall of Fame at its banquet in April.