July 30, 2004

Student wins ADA research fellowship

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Bethaney Vincent, Ph.D.

Student wins ADA research fellowship

Bethaney Vincent, Ph.D., a rising second-year student at Vanderbilt School of Medicine, was awarded the American Dermatological Association Medical Student Fellowship. The award funds Vincent’s summer research project, which will focus on the role of mitochondrial DNA mutations in skin cancer.

“My dissertation research focused on mobile genetic elements known as retrotransposons and their impact on the human genome,” Vincent said. “This background provided me with the knowledge base and the skills that were well-suited to examine the mitochondrial genetics of cutaneous tumors.”

James Sligh Jr., M.D., Ph.D. , assistant professor of Medicine, supervises Vincent’s research.

“While many medical students at Vanderbilt elect to do summer research, it is a rare accomplishment for a student to identify a project, write a proposal, and have it successfully funded during their first year,” Sligh said. “Bethaney is deserving of this award from the American Dermatological Society which recognizes her initiative and potential as a physician scientist.”

“Dr. Sligh’s guidance was critical in formulating and implementing my research proposal,” Vincent said. “I appreciate the opportunity he has given me, and I am confident that this summer research experience will be an invaluable stepping stone along my path to an academic career as a physician-scientist.”