April 24, 1998

Three ways to donate

Anyone who wants to contribute to the Staff/Faculty Hardship Fund can do so in one of three ways:

o payroll deduction

o direct contribution with cash, check, or money order

o Master Card or Visa credit card

For payroll deduction contributions, send a memo to Gift Records, 201 Alumni Hall, and include this information:

1. Name and social security number.

2. Address.

3. Whether you are a Medical Center or university staff or faculty member.

4. Whether you are exempt (monthly paycheck) or non-exempt (every two weeks paycheck).

5. Total amount of your gift.

6. How much you want deducted per pay period.

7. The Hardship Fund¹s budget number, which is 4-55-210-9602.

For a direct contribution, you may either drop your contribution in a collection point at the Courtyard Cafe, Vanderbilt Hair Salon, or other area around campus, or bring your cash, check, or money order to 201 Alumni Hall, along with a memo outlining the same information above (except for number 6). The Hardship Fund¹s number should be written on the check or money order.

For credit card contributions, call Gift Records at 322-2979, or hand deliver a memo to 201 Alumni Hall with the information numbered above, plus your telephone number, credit card number, credit card expiration date, and whether the card is a Master Card or a Visa.

Since any donation or reimbursement is voluntary, the university will treat this money as a gift; gifts to the university are tax deductible.