October 14, 2005

Training regimen

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photo by Anne Rayner

VUMC faculty and staff recently came to the aide of the U.S. Army’s Strike Combat Medics, part of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 502nd Infantry Regiment. Through Vanderbilt’s Anatomical Donations Program, Army medics received advanced training on the proper insertion of chest tubes and other critical lifesaving procedures they will use upon deployment to Iraq in the near future. Accepting a certificate of appreciation from unit members are, from left, Vanderbilt’s Jason Ridley, Art Dalley, M.D., Joseph Greco, M.D., Wanda Pope,s (Ashley Voss is the soldier presenting the certificate) and Robert Carpenter, M.D. The certificate identifies the team as Strike Combat Medics of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team and 502nd Infantry Regiment.