September 8, 2000

United Healthcare to pick up Health 1 2 3

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United Healthcare, a national Health Maintenance Organization, has reached an agreement with Vanderbilt to offer health benefit coverage to staff and faculty, their families and domestic partners, said Darlene Lewis, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resource Services.

Last year, the Board of Trust voted to close Health 1•2•3, the Vanderbilt-owned health plan chosen by many employees.

“We have worked closely with United Healthcare to offer a benefit package that is comparable to the plan had been offered through Health 1•2•3,” Lewis said.

She said United Healthcare has a reputation for offering an “open access” plan, which allows members to schedule appointments with specialists without approval of a primary care physician.

“‘Open access’ will make seeing a doctor simpler and easier for our staff and their families,” Lewis said. “Because United Healthcare has a nationwide system, staff and their families can get access to a nationwide panel of doctors.”

United Healthcare will provide a packet of information regarding coverage for employees to study at the Benefits Fair, which will be held September 26, 27, and 28 in TVC 2701-2704, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Open Enrollment period, when staff and faculty make their benefits selections, including that of health plan, will be October 1 through 20, with the options chosen taking effect at the start of the new year.