October 14, 2005

Vanderbilt dominates list of top doctors

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Craig Boerner

Vanderbilt dominates list of top doctors

A total of 49 Vanderbilt University Medical Center physicians are recognized as being in the top 1 percent of their respective fields in America's Top Doctors 2005, a book to be released within the next two weeks by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.

The esteemed Vanderbilt group collectively represents 82 percent of Nashville doctors recognized by their peers — 49 of 60 — and nearly two-thirds of the total of 76 doctors listed in Tennessee.

“This list demonstrates, again, what I often say as I talk about Vanderbilt around the country, and that is our faculty make us one of the leading medical centers in the nation,” Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Harry Jacobson, M.D., said.

America's Top Doctors, in its fifth edition, is recognized as an authoritative guide to finding the nation's top specialists in their respective categories.

The guide identifies more than 5,000 top specialists in more than 60 medical specialties and subspecialties for the care and treatment of more than 1,700 diseases and medical conditions.

The physicians are collectively affiliated with nearly 600 hospitals across the United States, which is less than 10 percent of the nation's total.

"The Vanderbilt Medical Group (VMG) represents one of the largest and best medical practices in the United States,” said Chief Medical Officer C. Wright Pinson, M.D., who made the 2005 list as one of America's top surgeons.

“This particular rating demonstrates the significant concentration of well-recognized, outstanding physicians at Vanderbilt.”

Castle Connolly's physician-led research team surveys more than 10,000 M.D.s in medical leadership positions and private practice when compiling its list of specialists and subspecialists.

Nashville's Saint Thomas Hospital placed six doctors on the list, with Centennial Medical Center (3) and Baptist Hospital (2) also contributing locally.

“It is a great honor to be included because this reflects the opinions of your peers,” said School of Medicine Dean Steven Gabbe, M.D., who made the list for his Obstetrics and Gynecology work.

“It is especially important for our medical center because it indicates that our medical students, residents and fellows are training with many of the top physicians not only in Tennessee, but also in the country. So they have great role models.”

In Tennessee, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital placed five of its physicians in the rankings, with Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center adding four, Methodist Healthcare-University Hospital placing three, and four other hospitals in the state with one doctor in the top rankings.

“The VMG has approximately 1,200 practitioners comprising almost every specialty and subspecialty in existence. This particular listing of America's Top Doctors helps to highlight some, but certainly not all, of the superb clinicians we have in every field,” said Pinson, who serves as the H. William Scott Professor of Surgery and as director of the Vanderbilt Transplant Center.

Physician profiles are arranged by specialty or subspecialty and are organized geographically within each specialty/subspecialty. Doctors are also listed alphabetically and by a special interest index that connects them to a disease, condition, procedure or technique.

America's Top Doctors, priced at $29.95 per copy, is available at all major national bookstore chains, online at www.CastleConnolly.com or by calling Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. at (800)-399-D-O-C-S.

Vanderbilt faculty in "America's Top Doctors"

Mark Anderson, M.D., professor of Cardiology

Dan Beauchamp, M.D., professor of Surgery

Frank Boehm, M.D., professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Joseph Bruner, M.D., associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Brian Burkey, M.D., associate professor of Otolaryngology

Benjamin Byrd, III, M.D., professor of Medicine

David Carbone, M.D., professor of Medicine

Karla Christian, M.D., associate professor of Cardiac Surgery

Brian Christman, M.D., associate professor of Medicine

John Currie, M.D., professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Davis Drinkwater Jr., M.D., professor of Cardiac Surgery

Kathryn Edwards, M.D., professor of Pediatrics

Gerald Fenichel, M.D., professor of Neurology, Pediatrics

Frank Fish, M.D., associate professor of Pediatrics

Steven Gabbe, M.D., professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Alan Graber, M.D., professor of Medicine

Neil Green, M.D., professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation; associate professor of Pediatrics

John Greer, M.D., professor of Medicine, Pediatrics

Kevin Hagan, M.D., associate professor of Plastic Surgery

Kenneth Hande, M.D., professor of Medicine

Raymond Harris, M.D., professor of Medicine

Harold Helderman, M.D., professor of Medicine, Microbiology, Immunology

Gordon Jensen, M.D., professor of Medicine

David Johnson, M.D., professor of Medicine

Howard Jones III, M.D., professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Howard Kirshner, M.D., professor of Neurology

Christopher Lind, M.D., associate professor of Medicine

James Loyd, M.D., professor of Pulmonary Medicine

Thomas McCurley, M.D., associate professor of Pathology

Douglas Milam, M.D., associate professor of Urologic Surgery

Wallace Neblett, M.D., professor of Pediatric Surgery

James Netterville, M.D., professor of Otolaryngology

Mathew Ninan, M.D., assistant professor of Thoracic Surgery

David Page, M.D., professor of Pathology

Clarence Partain, M.D., professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences

C Wright Pinson, M.D., professor of Surgery

Alvin Powers, M.D., professor of Medicine

Joe Putnam Jr., M.D., professor of Thoracic Surgery

David Raiford, M.D., professor of Medicine

Bruce Roth, M.D., professor of Urologic Oncology

Mace Rothenberg, M.D., professor of Medicine

Martin Sandler, M.D., professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences

John Sergent, M.D., professor of Medicine

Joseph Smith, M.D., professor of Urologic Surgery

Dan Spengler, M.D., professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Kurt Spindler, M.D., professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Paul Sternberg Jr., M.D., professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Noel Tulipan, M.D., professor of Neurological Surgery

Arthur Wheeler, M.D., associate professor of Medicine