February 27, 2004

Vanderbilt to distribute total compensation statements

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Study coordinator Alice O’Shea, R.N., holds the study’s first participant, one-week-old baby Jude. Photo by Dana Johnson

Vanderbilt to distribute total compensation statements

Vanderbilt full-time employees will receive annual total compensation statements by mail early in March, said Susan Mezger, director of compensation with Human Resources.

Vanderbilt began distributing the annual statements a few years ago, informing employees about the annual cost of their health insurance, long-term care insurance, tuition support, sick leave and other Vanderbilt benefits. Also presented are costs for employee-paid benefits and for statutory programs such as Medicare.

“The annual statements review your cash compensation and provide a quick, personalized view of Vanderbilt’s wide range of employee benefits and other services,” Mezger said. “These programs are critical in helping Vanderbilt attract and retain staff and faculty to become the employer of choice.”