January 27, 2006

Vanderbilt’s efforts to attain Magnet status gaining steam

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Lisa Eason, R.N., right, talks with nurses Julie Anne Gatto Sutton and Linda Rhudy about efforts to attain Magnet Recognition, the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center’s criteria for excellence.
Photo by Dana Johnson

Vanderbilt’s efforts to attain Magnet status gaining steam

Vanderbilt University Medical Center's pursuit of Magnet Recognition is gaining momentum on many levels.

Organizers kicked off the new year with an open house for Magnet Champions, the 170 unit leaders who represent the VUMC community, including clinics in nearby communities.

Magnet Champions have been trained in program goals and are responsible for making sure each of their work areas achieve specific objectives.

“Our focus on 'Magnet' is all about what happens at the bedside between the patient and the nurse,” said Sabrina Downs, M.S.N., R.N., director of Magnet Recognition. “Our high quality nursing is one of the strongest reasons we are working toward Magnet Recognition. Our job now is to rally together during the next several months as we meet the rigorous requirements.”

The Medical Center's pursuit of Magnet Recognition, the American Nurses' Credentialing Center's criteria for excellence, will involve additional activities throughout the year, including a site visit expected in the summer. Only 186 hospitals in the country have made it through the rigorous application process to earn Magnet status.

The open house was also an opportunity to showcase additional Magnet resources available. Attendees viewed a new video, a three-minute motivational piece featuring many hospitals staff members and departments. Champions also had a chance to get more familiar with the recently updated Magnet Web site, which provides updates on the program, printable materials, helpful links and examples of activities in specific VUMC areas.

“I've been at Vanderbilt since 1992 and think we've been doing many Magnet-type things all along,” said Yvette Lowery, R.N., Magnet Champion from the VMG Green Hill's clinic. “We've been so committed to excellence and now we're letting everyone know what Magnet is and specific ways to achieve excellence everywhere.”

To access more VUMC Magnet information or sign up for regular updates, please visit: www.vanderbiltmagnet.com.