March 13, 2009

VU Community Survey to be conducted this fall

VU Community Survey to be conducted this fall

The Vanderbilt Community Survey, the University's annual employee satisfaction survey, is being moved from its traditional spring time slot to the fall.

The late winter and early spring period at Vanderbilt Medical Center is made busier by annual budgeting and job performance evaluations.

“The survey helps further our understanding of employee attitudes and the sorts of things that might serve to raise satisfaction and retention,” said Joel Lee, associate vice chancellor for Communications at the Medical Center. “Given that the traditional time slot is an especially busy period, we expect that people will find it a bit easier to participate in the fall.”

Vanderbilt is also evaluating new vendors for the survey. Representatives from four companies recently visited the campus and gave presentations, and two companies remain in the running — Press Ganey Associates, which conducts surveys at 7,000 health care facilities, and HR Solutions International Inc., which conducts opinion surveys for 505 health care organizations.

A final decision regarding a vendor is expected within a month.

Lee said the main reason for considering new vendors is to shorten the time between the closing of the employee satisfaction survey and the reporting of results across the organization.

Lee said both Press Ganey and HR Solutions are offering full reports within a month of the survey's close.