April 21, 2006

VU police debut new program to report crime

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The Vanderbilt Univer-sity Police Department (VUPD) has launched a new tool to help combat crime on campus.

The Silent Witness program allows those who witness a crime at Vanderbilt or know of criminal activity occurring on campus to report information to VUPD anonymously.

Those who wish to report information can simply fill out a form located under the “Programs & Services” link located on VUPD's newly redesigned Web site at www.police.vanderbilt.edu. The form includes the option to provide a name and phone number should someone wish to be contacted by VUPD about the information they are sharing; however, contact information is not required.

“The Silent Witness program is another way for the community to get involved in helping keep Vanderbilt safe, but it will only work if people use it,” said Andrew Atwood, VUPD's director of community relations. “It's good to have as many avenues of information as possible, and we will investigate every lead to its fullest extent.”