July 16, 2004

VUMC Annual Report wins national award

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Derya Unutmaz, M.D., removes from the freezer a vial containing a subpopulation of white blood cells that seem to play an important role in HIV infection./Neil Brake

VUMC’s 2003-2004 Annual Report was named one of the Top 100 annual reports in the United States in the Vision Awards competition sponsored by the League of American Communications Professionals.

The report also won the Gold Award in the Health Care—Hospitals, Facilities and Services category.

From more than 1,200 entries received, VUMC ranked 74. Others with annual reports in the Top 100 included Pfizer, General Electric, Coca-Cola, Boeing, and Merck.

The Annual Report was edited by Wayne Wood, the assistant editor was Dana Johnson, and graphic design was by Diana Duren of Corporate Communications.