August 10, 2001

VUMC featured in TLC episode

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Howard Crawford, Ph.D., and Lynn M. Matrisian, Ph.D., are studying molecular defects that affect invasive cancer. (photo by Dana Johnson)

VUMC featured in TLC episode

Vanderbilt University Medical Center will be featured in a new episode of TLC’s “Maternity Ward.” The episode “Final Minutes” will air on Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 8 p.m.

Every year, more than 2,000 women come to Vanderbilt to deliver their babies. As a high-risk unit, Vanderbilt handles fragile pregnancies and emergency operations in which every second counts and the final minutes are often the most critical. Patients must depend on the knowledge and experience of Vanderbilt’s staff.

Featured in the episode are Dr. Cornelia Graves, Dr. John Pietsch, Dr. Dana Redick, and Shannon Pinnell, R.N.

In this episode, Graves, associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, performs a C-section on a woman whose baby has fetal gastroschisis – a hole in the baby’s abdomen, which allows the intestines to grow outside of the body. The newborn needs immediate intervention and Pietsch, associate professor of Pediatric Surgery, is called in to begin the slow process of reinserting the organ.

Redick, third year resident, sees a patient who is pregnant with twins and her labor begins eight weeks early. To further complicate matters, her babies are lying head-to-foot; one will come headfirst, but the other will be born breech. Despite the risky outlook, her patient is determined to go through normal delivery and avoid a C-section.

Also featured in the episode is Shannon Pinnell, R.N., who takes the time to talk to each family.

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