June 11, 2004

VUMC named to Solucient Top 100 for fifth year

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Photo by Dana Johnson

VUMC named to Solucient Top 100 for fifth year

For the fifth year in a row, Vanderbilt University Hospital has been recognized as one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation in a study by Solucient Institute.

The list identifies hospitals that “excel in a range of clinical and financial measures when stacked against their peers,” according to the May 24 Modern Healthcare, where the list appeared.

Vanderbilt was the only Tennessee hospital of the 15 recognized in the major teaching category.

“The hospital’s staff and faculty work very hard to be the best. They know Vanderbilt Hospital provides excellent service and high quality care. It’s very rewarding to be recognized publicly for our work,” said Norman B. Urmy, executive vice president for Clinical Affairs and CEO of VUH.

If all inpatient Medicare patients were treated at Top 100 hospitals, almost 100,000 more patients would survive each year, Solucient estimated, and approximately 75,000 patient complications would be avoided. This would save some $8.8 billion each year.

Other findings:

• Mortality rates were 17.5 percent lower at the Top 100 hospitals

• Complication rates were 12.9 percent lower at listed hospitals

• Expenses per discharge were 16.2 lower ($4,147 per discharge)

In making their selections, Solucient reviewed data from its own hospital database for financial ratings and Medicare Provider Analysis and Review data for the study, which included 3,095 U.S. acute-care hospitals with 25 or more beds.

The measures are calculated for five classes of hospitals: major teaching (400 or more beds and high levels of physician education and research); teaching (200 or more beds); large community (250 or more beds); medium community (100-249 beds); and small community (25-99 beds).