March 9, 2001

VUMC Web site to change March 15

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Dr. Lewis Lefkowitz talks with Dr. Deborah C. German, senior associate dean for medical education, at the reception. (photo by Dana Johnson)

A new VUMC home page will debut on March 15. It will look similar to the old, but will have significant behind the scenes coding/script changes to solve a few glitches that have occurred. News items will no longer be available in a scroller fashion. Stories will still be available on the home page, but in a static mode.

Another item that the new home page will address is meeting the American Disabilities Act’s requirement for accessibility. Pages must be readable by audio readers. The new layout uses tables set up in a linear manner to work with the audio readers.

Finally, the site will echo the new VUMC Minimal Web Site Standards. The minimal standards are designed to promote consistency, navigability, and compliance with VUMC branding policy and adherence to the new ADA requirements across the VUMC Web site.

The University Calendar’s link has been added to the VUMC’s newly designed home page to give everyone a quick and easy way to find out the events happening at the Medical Center, as well as the University campus.