December 14, 2001

VUnet ID users to be affected by E-day

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Dr. David Shaffer

Persons with VUnet ID e-passwords (an enhanced security authentication service that allows users to access information through the E-business Web page, as well as other items) will be affected by “E-day,” slated for early 2002.

Those without an e-password will not be affected. When E-day occurs, those who already have an e-password must use it to log in almost anywhere a VUnet ID is required. Affected VUnet services include secure Web pages, VUmail, VUspace, the VUaccess dial-up modem pool, the MIS firewall and ITS software downloads. E-password holders must begin using a secure e-mail client with VUmail at work and home after E-day. E-mail clients that cannot be made secure and must be replaced before E-day include Simeon, Eudora versions before 5.1, Netscape versions before 4.0 and Outlook versions before 97. It is important to note that Lotus Notes accounts are not affected because they do not use VUnet ID for authentication. However, as VUMC users move to a new e-mail client the security precautions do apply.

Contact your LAN manager or Network Computing Services to determine if existing e-mail clients need to be secured or replaced.

No date has been set for E-day, but notification will be sent out prior to the day.