April 22, 2005

Wang garners research grant

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Haibin Wang, Ph.D.

Haibin Wang, Ph.D., research assistant professor in the Division of Reproductive and Developmental Biology in the Department of Pediatrics, has garnered the Society for Gynecologic Investigation's Solvay/Joseph Mortola Research Grant. The $30,000 grant is intended for junior investigators to facilitate their research efforts toward achieving independence. Only one award is given each year in this category.

Under the mentorship of S.K. Dey, Ph.D., Dorothy Overall Wells Professor of Pediatrics and professor of Cell & Developmental Biology and Pharmacology, Wang's research has been focusing on the underlying molecular signaling responsible for embryo development and implantation, with the ultimate goal of providing new approaches to the clinicians to improve female fertility and treat disorders related to infertility and early pregnancy loss. Specifically, Wang is investigating the role of cannabinoid and endocannabinoid signaling in female reproduction using genetically altered mice.

The SGI grant will support his current research into the underlying mechanism by which a physiologic endocannabinoid tone is established in the reproductive tract to ensure normal development of the embryo and its homing into the uterus for on-time implantation.